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“This team really builds on each other’s strengths”

“I was very impressed with the communications, and the way From Scratch worked as a coherent team that really knew and exploited each other’s strengths. I would aspire for AbacusBio consultants to come across to our clients in a similar way to what From Scratch did for us.”

— Peter Amer PhD, AbacusBio Limited

Creating the space for diverse skills, views & approaches. So your brand resonates with the people who need you

We won’t even try to find all the skills, perspectives and talents we need in one central location. (Amsterdam is amazing, but tiny!)

To give you access to a flock of mature experts, From Scratch takes a remote-first approach. While some of us are based in the same city or region, all our processes are designed to connect our distributed freelance collective. Occasionally we hang out in person — but most of the time we meet on video calls.

Please note that our diversity is mainly invisible, and we don’t push for disclosure. Find out more about our values and commitment to justice, equity, diversity & inclusion

Business & Consulting

Creative Team

Sally Fox

Sally Fox

Copywriter & Brand Voice Strategist for brave businesses
Tiverton, UK & Baion, Spain

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