& kind words from our clients

A portfolio can be the most misleading part of an agency website: each project is different. Each requires a different voice, tone and visual style. And the brand owner ultimately decides what they want to share with the world. So, our portfolio is more than a bunch of screenshots without context. Instead, find out what our work has achieved for our clients: through case studies and testimonials.

Creative Copy for e-Commerce that Converts

We crafted creative conversion copy and a verbal identity for the UK’s first plant-based, packaging-free online shop, Forrist. The process involved brand writing, conversion copywriting, UX consulting and SEO strategy.

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Writing FAQs that help customers and your business

With Jack offers insurance on a first-name basis. They’re also known as a company that absolutely rocks at FAQs. And yet, we got to optimise them even further. Read on to discover how to create FAQs that actually help people, how to use your FAQs for content marketing – and why your FAQs’ tone

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Making an action plan for better customer care responses

he customer care leadership team of this multinational company was concerned about the quality of written responses going out to customers. Find out how we approached the project, and how we worked together with the client to improve their customer care replies.

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Writing and building a high-converting newsletter signup page

This newsletter signup page Sabine wrote and designed for multi award-winning social entrepreneur and mentor Nyasha Gwatidzo achieved a whopping 60% conversion rate. While a conversion rate of 60% is certainly not a typical result, the steps Sabine took to create this high-converting landing page

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Work samples: a small selection of online delectables

  • Visual Identity refresh, copywriting, new website (design & development) for Exazyme

  • Message finding, positioning, services definition and website copywriting for AbacusBio

CEO & co-founder, Miuros SAS

“Structured and always on time”

With From Scratch, you will get what you’re after and then some more. A big thank you for all the good and hard work, always well structured and delivered on time.

Benoit Gagnon with a slight smile. He’s wearing very short dark hair, a moustache and designer stubble. The top buttons of his white shirt are open.

Benoit Gagnon

CEO & co-founder, Miuros SAS

Founder, Little Green Space

“Didn’t realise it would be this good”

I hesitated to book the Impact Day because of its price. And I’m so glad I went ahead!

Thanks to the copy Sabine and Julia wrote for me, I have a much more professional and optimised website now. The communication was great, and I loved the video explanations of everything they had written.

I would absolutely recommend this service to other small creative and wellness-based businesses who really put a lot of emphasis on storytelling.

Jenny Doré smiling cheerfully in front of a white lattice and greenery. She’s wearing chin-length, light brown hair, a dark T-shirt and denim dungarees.

Jenny Doré

Founder, Little Green Space

Founder, With Jack

“So much more than words”

When you work with From Scratch you’ll get someone who genuinely cares and is invested in your brand.
You won’t just get words, you’ll come away with a better understanding of your own brand and competitors.

Ashley Baxter joyfully laughing at the camera. She's in a city environment, wearing a denim jacket and dark backpack. Her long dark red hair falls loosely over her shoulders.

Ashley Baxter

Founder, With Jack

Founder, Bushbells

“Efficient, clear, punctual and full of good knowledge and advice”

Working together has given me new clarity and more positive thoughts about what I do and why I do it. Perfect for start-up founders like me who need clarity with their tone of voice!

Jacqueline Comyn excitedly raising her hands in front of a shelf with colourful Bushbells textiles and baskets. She’s wearing a black parka and smiling brightly.

Jacqueline Comyn

Founder, Bushbells

Founder of Support Driven

“Fantastic community engagement”

If your organization values speaking with a human voice, I recommend you get in touch with From Scratch.

Scott Tran with a relaxed smile. He's sitting in front of wooden wall panelling, wearing black rectangular glasses and a grey T-shirt.

Scott Tran

Founder of Support Driven

Our Brave Hearts

“My page still speaks my truth but at a much more refined level now.”

Everything you have written and suggested makes so much sense and has a greater impact. The little tweaks and changes in paragraph order have made such a HUGE difference to my message. It’s gone from what I thought was great to brilliant!

Jacqueline Kelly holding a tea cup with a thoughtful smile. Her long brown hair falls over her chest. She’s wearing a mustard yellow sweater with frilled sleeves.

Jacqueline Kelly

Our Brave Hearts

Founder, Conscious House London

“We got clicks, feedback and comments on our social media”

We got a great response from our recipients immediately following the new version as advised by Sabine — clicks, feedback and comments on our social media about it.
Sabine was great to work with and provided some real expertise that’s delivered results for us ever since. I would highly recommend the services Sabine provides as they are all deployed professionally, attentively and with solid experience

Rebecca Dallimore

Founder, Conscious House London

Yep, this feedback is for real

Sometimes we get asked about these testimonials. So, here’s where these kind words are coming from:

Typically, we collect client feedback after each project or engagement. And we respond to it, whether it’s enthusiastic or critical.

For this website, we’ve published representative excerpts from those feedback forms with our clients’ permission.

We’ve never paid a client or connection for a testimonial or referral. And we don’t participate in such schemes as a matter of principle.

Not every client provides feedback (we get it: they’re busy people). But in 6+ years, we’ve never had a complaint or refund request. We intend to keep it that way.

Awesome clients past and present