Ethical CRO Coaching

Develop evidence-informed Conversion Rate Optimisation strategies that get the Yes without manipulation – with an experienced guide by your side

You put a lot of hope in your marketing

  • You hope your website will generate leads.
  • You hope your online shop will inspire sales.
  • And you hope your funnel captures people’s attention.

But hope does not a solid strategy make

Nor does intuition: You may get fantastic results by following your gut instinct and then come unstuck trying to repeat that win. Because without a Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) strategy, it’s really tricky to know how you struck gold. And how to do it again.

(And if it’s not your intuition that’s in the driving seat, maybe it’s your boss or management team with their many (often conflicting) opinions. Opinions mostly formed from personal taste and sneaky sideways glances at your competitors. None of which spotlights the real VIPs and the only opinions that really matter: your target audience.)

You’re probably here because you’re tired of guessing your way through your marketing campaigns and wasting your energy on tactics that don’t always work.

You’ve come to the right place.

Let’s make another educated guess:

You’re done fishing for conversions in the dark

And the thought of tricking your audience into taking the bait makes your stomach turn

In today’s “attention economy” with its fierce competition for clicks and engagement, many of us feel the pressure to use manipulative techniques (aka “hooks” and “worms”) – from sensationalism, clickbait and emotional triggers to outright coercion or deceptive design.

Here’s the catch: You care about that delicate balance between captivating people’s attention and respecting their autonomy. And you really don’t want to push your audience into decisions they might not have otherwise made.

But like the proverbial fish who don’t know they’re swimming in water, we’re all surrounded by icky marketing tactics – some we don’t even recognise. Chances are you’ve swallowed your share of unethical tactics over the years. They may have gotten you this far – but now you’re ready to unlearn them, leave that stale pond of dodgy tricks behind… and evolve your practices.

Achieve your financial goals with integrity. Inspire genuine connection that converts.

Over the past 7 years, we’ve helped dozens of clients navigate their marketing challenges with evidence-based decision-making – from corporations to small businesses and self-employed folks. You’re in great company: 100% of past clients would recommend it.

Clients we’ve coached since 2017

Invigorate your marketing with Ethical Conversion Coaching

A lot of talk about CRO is strangely egocentric. It focuses on the business, the tactics, the number of A/B tests.

Here’s why that’s odd:

A CRO strategy that works for you long-term is built on looking outwards, not inwards. You need to show your audience that you care about them, their customer experience and your relationship.

In our Ethical Conversion Coaching, we’ll examine the psychological triggers at play in your marketing tactics – and whether they show your audience you really care. Together, we’ll evaluate your methods so you no longer inadvertently undermine the very relationships you’re working so hard to build.

Meet your coach: Hi, I’m Sabine!

Yellow-purple duotone image of Sabine Harnau. She’s wearing short hair, a training jacket and a slightly mischievous smile.

Brace yourself for a mouthful: I’m a German/English bilingual strategic communications consultant, conversion rate optimisation coach and part of the team behind The Ethical Move.

A former copywriting lead at LEGO Group and Communications Manager at a London agency, I started From Scratch Communications in 2017 to support purpose-driven brands. My work is all about using the power of communication to integrate sales, marketing, product — and change culture for the better, internally and in the wider world.

Based on over 20 years’ experience, my approach to selling ideas, products and services merges techniques from design thinking, user experience, psychology, socio-political studies and linguistics. In my view, sales and marketing (and therefore, CRO!) are among the key areas where environmental issues and social injustice play out.

Talking of social justice –

As a white native of Germany, I’m committed to a life-long process of unpacking my privilege and unconscious biases. So, as much as I’d love to promise you a 100% safe space, I can only do my best. That said, I can definitely promise you a brave space. And a willingness to learn. If it helps you to know, I’m nonbinary, bisexual and a fierce third-wave feminist.

How it works

Ethical Conversion Optimisation Coaching is a long-term support programme for you and your business. We’ll meet twice per month over the course of a year, taking a 1-month break in the summer and in December. (Everyone needs some time off, after all – even from something as exciting as CRO.) Here’s how it works.

1. Set the date and time of our session

Once we’re underway, we’ll be in touch before each session to confirm the timing and topic with you. This helps us prepare for your session. Want to bring a colleague? Be our guest(s)!

2. Understand. Feel understood

We pack a lot into 60 minutes. Each of your sessions is streamlined and focused, with your goals as a compass. You’ll leave with specific, customised support to help you achieve them

Sessions can take place in English, German or (to some degree) Dutch. Please note that we can only comment on copy written in these languages that has been created for the UK, Germany/Austria/Switzerland or the Benelux market.

3. Get your session summary and recording

After each session, we’ll share the audio recording of our conversation with you via your personalised Notion dashboard. Plus, you’ll get a written summary to refer back to as you implement ethical marketing practices in your business.

4. Make a positive impact on your business – and beyond

2 Indonesian rice farmers in traditional clothes smiling at you. The man on the left gives a thumbs up, the woman on the right is holding a basket. Trees, fields and silos are in the background.

We donate 2% of your programme fee to the international non-profit Health In Harmony via B1G1. Each booking funds 8 months of training in regenerative farming for a logger in Indonesia.

To achieve their goal of reversing global heating, Health In Harmony uses an approach called Radical Listening. The technique has a lot in common with Ethical Conversion Optimisation: Much like your customers are the experts on your business, rainforest communities are the experts on creating the local change the planet needs. They told Health In Harmony that they needed two things to stop logging: affordable healthcare and training in organic farming.

Their approach has been successful, decreasing the number of logging households near Gunung Palung National Park by 90% since 2007. This Indonesian rainforest is home to one of the world’s last orang-utan populations. Local communities and Health In Harmony have replanted more than 175 hectares of habitat for 3,000 endangered orang-utans. Using more efficient and regenerative farming methods, families can now grow more produce and sell the surplus for additional income, without having to clear more land or use harmful chemicals. And because rainforests are the lungs of the planet, their work also helps protect the climate we all depend on.

Yours for €6,000 per year

Find out if we’re a match

To make sure you get the best results, your coaching will follow our 4-step SAGE process:

1. Set your CRO goals

I’ll help you define clear and measurable conversion goals for your business and establish benchmarks to track your progress. From the get-go, we’ll focus on aligning those business goals with your brand and personal values.

We can either work on one product/service, audience or marketing funnel for the entire year – or work on several in consecutive phases.

2. Assess your existing CRO strategies and marketing materials

By reviewing your messaging, visuals, calls to action and overall user experience, you’ll learn to identify elements that might be seen as manipulative or misleading. Along the way, you’ll receive tailored education on the principles of ethical marketing: from transparency, honesty and customer centricity to data protection, accessibility and inclusion.

You’ll understand the potential negative consequences of manipulative tactics and the long-term value of building trust. With this expertise under your belt, you can implement strategies on your own – long after our coaching has ended.

Depending on your business and campaigns, we might complete this process a couple of times – each with a focus on a different product, funnel or audience.

3. Generate new, user-centred CRO strategies and marketing materials that align with your ethics

Ever wondered what your dream audience is thinking? Our strategy and content creation starts with understanding your target audience’s desires, preferences and pain points. So you can add tangible value to their lives.

Based on these insights, we’ll revise your messaging, optimise your user experience and find creative ways to engage customers without resorting to manipulation.

My broad experience lets us draw on both strategy and interdisciplinary tactics. From the power of storytelling to the more technical aspects of conversion optimisation such as analytics, A/B testing, or specific CRO methods. This all-round approach allows us to overcome challenges big and small. From building a strong brand presence to nailing important details like transparent pricing, privacy and terms and conditions.

And one more thing to know about the way we work. While I love zooming in on the details, my process is all about looking at the bigger picture. To make a true difference to your business bottom line, you need a consistent customer experience. So, far from looking at one landing page in isolation, we’ll embed conversion optimisation efforts in your broader communication strategies. We’ll integrate conversion-driven messaging across marketing channels and touch points.

Of course, everything we do, every method we use is guided by your ethics and values. Say goodbye to deceptive tactics and hello to a brighter future where results and ethics coexist harmoniously.

4. Evidence-based long-term success: testing, validation and continuous improvement

Refine your strategies and content based on real user feedback. You’ll discover various testing and validation methods and get creative to gauge which approaches resonate best with your audience.

Online and offline, remote and in-person, qualitative and quantitative: there’s so much more than A/B testing, and I’m excited to share my favourite methods with you.

Together, we’ll build processes that support you in maintaining consistent, ethical practices that foster customer loyalty and positive brand perception. Plus, I’ll share CRO insights and trends with you as they emerge. So you stay up to date with the latest strategies and best practices.


“We actually got more than we paid for”

When we worked on our new website, we realised we’re so close to what we do that it took much longer than when we work with our clients. This is where your coaching helped: everything is much clearer in our heads. That’s worth gold! And of course thanks to you we achieved the goal we set much faster: finishing the website! But what we liked best was your amazing communication. Easy, welcoming. Pro-active. You explain very well. Clear reports. The impression that we actually got more than we paid for. Feeling supported. Hope we work together in the future!

Eileen Von Lautz-Cauzanet,


Founders of Atlist

“Already learning from you just through the questions you ask”

We have worked with copywriters for Atlist before, and we found they really didn’t understand the language of the ethical and sustainable market or how to engage them.
We needed to make sure that you understood this market. Looking at your website we knew that you are the perfect fit for Atlist.
Working on the copy for the explainer video we were able to take some very useful pointers for copy in general. We were already learning from you just through the questions you ask, and your ability to keep the target customer at the centre of all your communication.

Joseph & Aurora Mandala Morganite

Founders of Atlist

Founder, Mona Pink

“Recommended if you struggle with the direction to take in your marketing”

It can be very difficult to come to some decisions sometimes when working on my own. The Coaching session helped me gain clarity on the direction I need to aim for in my copy.

Sabine is very straightforward and honest, clear and constructive with her feedback. For a while I felt like I have another person on my team and that felt great!

Monika Kamycka turning to the camera with a slight smile. She has expressive green eyes and shoulder-length brown hair. She’s wearing a black top.

Monika Kamycka

Founder, Mona Pink

7 ways we could spend our coaching time together to optimise your marketing for conversion

Website Audit

Get a comprehensive over-the-shoulder audit of your website or landing page to identify optimisation opportunities.

User Experience (UX) Analysis

Together, we evaluate the user experience on your website, focusing on factors like navigation, layout, and ease of use to enhance the overall customer journey.

A/B or multivariate testing

Let me guide you through the process of conducting A/B or multivariate tests. Compare different versions of your website or marketing campaigns to determine what resonates with your audience.

Copywriting and messaging

Get hands-on feedback on and editing of your copy. Learn how to craft compelling and persuasive copy that effectively communicates your value proposition and boosts conversions. Use storytelling techniques to build your brand narrative and foster emotional connections.

Conversion funnel optimisation

Get help analysing and optimising each stage of your conversion funnel, identifying potential drop-off points and implementing strategies to improve conversion rates.

Privacy-focused analytics and data analysis

Discover alternatives to Google Analytics. Gain insights into user behaviour. Identify trends and make data-driven decisions for optimisation. All without giving people (or yourself!) the creeps.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) tools

Go beyond traditional A/B testing. Get an overview of the full spectrum of CRO tools, such as heat maps, qualitative research, session recordings, user-generated content analysis and surveys. Come up with a strategy on how your business can gain deeper insights into user interactions and uncover hidden conversion optimisation opportunities.

Yours for €6,000 per year

Find out if we’re a match

Your personalised, evidence-based path to creating high-converting offers

Through your tailored 12-month journey, you’ll explore the science of creating engaging content that informs and empowers your dream audience. During 20 one-hour meetings, we’ll dive into user-centred design, transparent communication and strategies that foster lasting customer loyalty.

This is not an online course.

We have the freedom to cover exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. You won’t have to translate generic advice or best practices into practical to-dos for your campaign, strategy or project. Instead, we’ll figure it out together.

You’re no longer on your own.

CRO is a team effort. If you want to bring your team, be our guests.

Design, copywriting, strategy, development, UX research, marketing, internationalisation: they all have their role to play in Conversion Rate Optimisation. No surprise, then, that it’s rarely a single person driving CRO for an entire corporation. That’s why fostering an interdisciplinary, collaborative experimentation culture is at the core of our work here at From Scratch.

It’s completely up to you whether you want to take solo coaching – or to bring your team mates along. We’ve had great results coaching groups of 5 on a topic of shared interest, such as optimising an app onboarding flow, customer persona or a SaaS landing page.

Hello, is it the FAQs you’re looking for?

Conversion Rate Optimisation is about improving the various elements of a marketing campaign so more users take action. The action you’re looking for depends on your business, audience and campaign. It could be buying a product, signing up for a newsletter, requesting more information – or something completely different.

Ethical Conversion Optimisation Coaching is a framework that allows you to align your marketing with your values. Working directly with me, you’ll develop strategies and tactics to achieve your conversion goals without resorting to manipulative tactics or deceptive practices.

Welcome, colleague! If you’re taking (or have already taken) Conversion Copywriting training, our Ethical CRO Coaching is the ideal way for you to grow:

  • Improve your process to create the space, time and client buy-in that will allow you to conduct CRO the way you’ve been dreaming of.
  • Get a second opinion on your copy, from first to last drafts (and say bye to self-doubt).
  • Analyse and learn from your own past client projects: what went well, what could be optimised next time?
  • Get your copy professionally edited – whether you’re writing for a client or for your own business.

By mastering persuasive and high-converting copywriting techniques, you’ll be able to craft compelling messaging and optimised copy for any marketing channel.

I get it: online courses are powerful stepping stones, especially if you’re new to a topic and want to learn the fundamentals fast.

Having taken dozens of them myself, I also know some of their weaknesses. The biggest one? They’re off the rack. One size fits all. Every student learns the same content, in the same way, whether they need the info or not.

In our coaching, we have the freedom to cover exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. And because each session is tailored to you, you won’t have to apply generic advice or best practices to your unique situation.

Also, online courses can be a lonely experience. There’s just not enough personal attention, individual support and one-on-one interaction. If you learn best with an accountability partner, an online course will typically leave you stranded.

During our coaching, we’ll build a trusting relationship. Early on, we’ll agree if and how you’d like meto hold you accountable. Are you the kind of person who wants homework between sessions? I’ll be happy to come up with some productive, interesting to-dos. In short, you’ll never feel like you’re on your own.

If you’re wondering whether to take the online course or book our coaching, I recommend you do either of these two:

  • Take the online course first. I can coach you later to help you implement what you’ve learned in your real-life, everyday work.
  • Do both at the same time. Help the online course sink in and have an easier time applying what you’ve learned, developing your own take as you go. (The sign of true mastery.)

Good question. The thing that really sets it apart is my approach. Firstly, as an ethical marketing expert, I’m all about making sure your Conversion Rate Optimisation aligns with your vision, mission, values and principles – both as a business and as a person.

Secondly, I don’t look at CRO in isolation. With my comprehensive, holistic view of digital marketing, I know that success depends on so much more than the number of A/B tests you run. That’s why my customer-centric coaching encompasses UX research, SEO, content marketing, social media, copywriting, design and team collaboration.

And finally, CRO depends on understanding customer needs, pain points and motivations in-depth. But that’s not the whole story: businesses that take their responsibility seriously will want to ensure that all their optimisation efforts deliver exceptional customer experiences. My coaching is your fast track to achieving just that.

Can you remind me what’s included in this coaching package?

Sure thing! Here’s what you get when you book your coaching:

  • 20 x 60-minute coaching sessions over the course of 12 months following our tried-and-tested SAGE process
  • Your personal Notion dashboard with:
    • A written summary of each session
    • An audio recording of each call
    • Recommended educational material (the best reads, podcasts, courses, events and videos) – allowing you to learn from our expertise and implement strategies on your own, long after our coaching has ended
    • Recommended CRO toolkit (software and document templates)
  • A positive impact beyond your own business: your programme fee funds 8 months of training in regenerative agriculture for a farmer in Indonesia.

There’s no 10-year money-back guarantee. But this will be good. Pinky Promise.

If you leave a meeting without a new insight, practice or a-ha moment, let me know and we’ll do a free 30-minute follow-up within 30 days.


Book a getting-to-know-each-other call to work out your next step.

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