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We believe startups, new organisations and young marketers are better off writing their own stuff. Nobody else is as close to the action. And our most successful clients all have a history of DIYing their copy.

Our resources are here to make copywriting cost effective, easier, faster and more fun.
The emails that go with some of the downloads take things further and help you to take action — rather than sitting on a pile of unread PDFs.

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Website and Email Audits for the Rainforest

Every month, we do an in-depth review of one email or web page (1 URL) on video.
This could be a sales email, a home page, an about page… whatever is helpful to you.
And it’s (almost) free of charge.
To apply, you’ll need to protect at least 1 square metre of rainforest. All we ask is that you let us share the video on the blog, in our email newsletter and on social media. That’s so others can learn from them.

The Scratch Post: Our Blog

A blog designed to help you discover better ways of doing things… and fall in love with the way we work.

30 Creative Email Ideas

These 30 ideas will get you unstuck and inspire you to try something new. You’ll also get 2-3 emails a month with tips and copywriter insider knowledge that will make you fall in love with marketing again.

There’s More to Ethical Communication than Not Being a D*ck

In this infographic, we’ve condensed our best tips for ACE ethical communication — based on linguistics, psychology and user research.


  • 4 things you can do now to make your website accessible to visitors — no matter their ability or background.
  • The mind-bogglingly simple proofreading trick that will make anything you write clear and easy to understand.
  • Simple instructions to help you show your empathy, even when you’ve had a long and stressful day.
  • Ideas to help you “green up” your communications, sans greenwashing.

Ebook: Find Out What Your Customers REALLY Think

A 24-page, action-packed guide to make your customer relationships sizzle

  • Proven, practical advice that goes beyond the typical opt-in or fluffy blog post
  • Finally see the forest for the trees with our detailed, step-by-step checklist (instead of drowning in raw data that tells no stories)
  • Jargon-free bridge between customer service, marketing and product teams — streamlining cross-departmental communication and helping you make your case for a better seat at the table

“The only thing that will improve CSAT“

“For all the hype about robots and AI, there’s only one process that’s guaranteed to continuously improve customer satisfaction – finding out what your customers think of you, and acting on it.
From Scratch are not only experts at getting inside your customers’ heads, but also at improving how your team relate to your customers.”

— Chris Stainthorpe, CustomerSure

StoryBuilder Training Video & Worksheet

Plotting a story takes just a few minutes with this 5-step StoryBuilder worksheet. On the page below, you’ll find a 5-minute training video to explain how to use it.

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