You Don’t Have to Be in Marketing to Benefit From Good Stories

the Ultimate Change Management Tool

Whether you follow ADKAR, Lewin’s Change Management model or Kotter’s theory…

Whether you’re in Customer Care, Quality Assurance, Compliance or Sales…

If your role is about getting people to change their ways, stories will help you do a better job.

They’ll help you connect with others, help them to understand your message and embrace the need for change.

That’s because stories affect us on all levels of our being: rationally as well as emotionally and neurologically.

(For example, through hormones, mirror neurons and by activating specific areas of our brains).

Blow Your Team’s Socks Off — and All in a Couple of Hours

The Storytelling Workshop comes in 2 flavours, depending on your needs and (time) budget:

90-minute Storytelling Masterclass

Delivered at your offices or online, this masterclass is a great way to get started:

  • How to find a story worth telling
  • How to structure your story for maximum effect
  • Engaging exercises & handouts
  • Q&A

This format works best with 10–40 participants. 

Online masterclasses may be recorded and shared with anyone who couldn’t make the original date and time (at extra cost).

Cost: €500 + VAT + travel expenses

Full-Day Storytelling Workshop

We’ll come on site to deliver a fun and engaging workshop that will leave a lasting impression. 

3 months on, previous sessions achieved the following results: 

  • Participants were regularly talking about what they could do differently to bring storytelling to their everyday work
  • Emails on tricky subject matters (giving bad news, or convincing others to do something) achieved positive outcomes with less effort
  • A step change in communications: instead of too much dry and technical detail, messages were delivered with new energy and empathy

Workshops typically last 6 hours.

They work best with groups of 12-50 people.

Handouts, a PDF summary, audio & visual delights included.

This ain’t your bone-dry death by powerpoint… let’s have some fun!

Cost: from €1500 + VAT + travel expenses

“Engaging, interesting, made you think”

— (participant feedback, March 2019)

“Good fun and very informative”
— What People Say About this Workshop

“The workshop was very engaging and I liked the tasks we were presented with.”

“I enjoyed the actual session, it was fun and interactive. Secondly, there are some really good and simple take aways which can be used on a daily basis”

“I found it very engaging, the time flew”

“This is something that you are able to benefit from in everyday life and not just work.”

“Engaging topic and well presented”

“Gave me an alternative way of thinking about how I present written information to others”

“You have such a happy aura about you. Very interactive workshop!”

“Really engaging, super interesting and delivered with a pace and style that suited the audience. Loads for everyone to take away and start using straightaway too. Thank you Sabine!”

A Small Click for You — a Giant Leap for Your Team

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