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Whether you need an inspiring speaker to kick off your next company event, or you’re looking to interview a communications expert. From conference talks to panel discussions, away-day keynotes, workshops and podcasts: We deliver all the edutainment with none of the diva-style dressing room demands.

Our favourite events involve some sort of dialogue – for example, video or audio interviews, Q&A with the audience and interactive workshops.

Popular topics include

  • Ethical marketing/marketing with integrity
  • Conversion copywriting
  • Brand voice and tone – and how they contribute to conversion optimisation
  • Intercultural communication
  • Storytelling

We’re based in 5 different countries, with 4 of us in Amsterdam, Netherlands. For the right kind of event, we’ll travel across Europe or pop up as virtual guests on camera.

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You might know us from…

Reflecta Changemaker Impulse: Ethical Marketing

On the evening of February 2, 2023, Reflecta opened the virtual doors for the inspiring event “Changemaker Impulse on Communication”. The evening provided a lively forum for exchange and exploring new perspectives.

Our founder, Sabine Harnau, was among the four speakers of the event. She presented our radical values-based way of marketing, which focuses on accessibility, data protection and a minimal ecological footprint.

Reflecta.Network presentation on YouTube (in German)

Startup Grind NY Fireside Chat: Take The Path of Least Resistance for Your Biz – Sabine Harnau, From Scratch Communications

“Unpopular opinion: Take the path of least resistance in your business. This may seem counter-intuitive, but Sabine Harnau, Chief Growth & Creative Officer at From Scratch Communications shared how her cutting-edge, ethical approach to selling ideas, products & services merges techniques from design thinking, user experience, psychology, socio-political studies, and linguistics.”

Discussion topics included:

  • Good vs. bad resistance
  • Distinguishing the core of your work from the fringes — and what to do with that realization
  • Listen and respond: to the data and your energy

The Simplifiers Podcast, Episodes 256-257: How to eliminate NOISE in your business communications – with Sabine Harnau

Our Sabine joined podcast host Mary Baird to simplify how to eliminate NOISE in your business communications. She helps purpose-driven companies like yours to know your message, share it in the right places, and promote your offer, so it truly makes a positive difference in the world.

Go to the Simplifiers podcast Go to the Simplifiers podcast on YouTube

Workshop: Storytelling for UX Researchers (presented by UXinsight) Several dates in 2020-2022, online and in person (Breda, Netherlands)

If your role is about getting people to improve the user experience, stories will help you do a better job. They’ll help you connect with other teams, help them to understand your research and embrace the need for change.

Sway stakeholders with the ultimate change management tool. Learn how to find a story worth telling and how to structure it for maximum effect.

That’s because stories affect us on all levels of our being: rationally as well as emotionally and neurologically. (For example, through hormones, mirror neurons and by activating specific areas of our brains).

In this training, participants learn how to find a story worth telling and how to structure it for maximum effect. They try out techniques in interactive exercises and explore the power of stories in a safe environment.

Open Conversation – LGBTQIAH+ International Academy of Transformative Leadership (IATL); 20 October 2021

This bonus follow-up to the GiveBack event “Who Am I? LGBTQIAH+” provided a safe space for people of all gender identities and sexual orientations to ask questions about creating a welcoming work environment. Sabine hosted this session alongside IATL co-founder, Kaivalya Kashyap. The conversational arc ranged from irritation and a wish to remain independent of other people’s approval to stories of forgiveness.

Copy for Change: Go for Your Life podcast, episode 54

Sabine and the inimitable Karo Tak had a chat about greenwashing and wokewashing, ethical copywriting, From Scratch as a collective — and “the million dollar question: Can you be ethical and get rich?

Go to to the Copy for Change episode More about Karo Tak

4ChangeMakers Lunch Club & Podcast Show December 2020 / January 2021

This live webinar and Q&A was recorded as a podcast episode. First, Fernando Ureta of 4ChangeMakers asked Sabine deep questions about copywriting that makes the world a better place. Then, founders of fair & sustainable organisations had the opportunity to get answers to their copy-related questions.

4Changemakers Lunch Club on Spotify 4Changemakers Lunch Club on Apple Podcasts

UXinsight Festival: Creativity in Research, 14–18 September 2020, Breda

Almost every good product depends heavily on UX research.

But that research is worth nothing if the findings don’t make it into the final design.

The way we present our results affects the way stakeholders relate to them — and whether the finished experience “solves for users”.

So Sabine was super chuffed to help foster a closer relationship between UX research and copy with her talk, Storytelling for UX Researchers – Getting Buy-in to Solving for Users

Harness the power of words — Live Q&A Sustainable Fashion Collective, 12 November 2019

In this live webinar and Q&A, sustainable fashion designers had the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of the copywriting secrets that help them resonate with their audience. The focus was on letting their values shine through while avoiding common pitfalls like greenwashing and preaching.
Whether it’s about refreshing their marketing materials, welcoming new audiences with a compelling email campaign or nailing their product descriptions with on-message, accurate copy, this event was a one-off opportunity to learn from Sabine!

Public Workshop: Storytelling for Inclusion Impact Hub Amsterdam, October 2019

In this fun and engaging workshop, we explored the power of storytelling to reduce inequality and build community:

  • Why storytelling is the most inclusive way of growing your brand
  • How stories work — a quick (!) dive into the neuroscience
  • A simple method for telling your story so it resonates and draws people in
  • Where to find helpful, inclusion-driven resources
  • We also looked at some example stories together to see what works, what doesn’t, and why.

Storytelling for Change: The Storytelling Lab podcast, Season 3 Episode 6

Rain Bennett makes 6-second stories on video, which is amazing enough on its own.

But he doesn’t stop there: he also teaches storytelling in this groundbreaking podcast for NGOs & social enterprises.

So Sabine was honoured to be a guest on his show! This is probably the most raw & real conversation about storytelling she’s ever had. They covered topics like:

  • Do you have to be a naturally-born storyteller to resonate with your audience?
  • How can you overcome the embarrassment of telling a story?
  • And how do you structure that middle part of your story?

It can be dang difficult, but there are techniques and tips that can help you slay the Jabberwocky.

Go to Storytelling for Change

Magic Copywriting Impact Hub Amsterdam, September 2019

Great copy can be the difference between people buying your ideas and products — or an indifferent shrug.
Websites, emails, storytelling, social media: this workshop covered the essential copywriting strategies that will set you up for success.
There was also plenty of time for Q&A.

Creating Culturally Aware Social Impact Brands: Social Impact CX Podcast, July 2019

If we want to achieve the Global Goals by 2030, we all need to work together. Understanding our differences can help us express our shared humanity.

And that’s our best chance.

Sabine spent an hour in deep conversation with Social ImpactCX founder, John Corrigan

Listen below and look forward to nuggets like these:

  • How to get started with implementing cultural sensitivity in your organisation
  • How to adapt your social enterprise or NGO to your audience’s cultural differences
  • The good, the bad & the ugly — examples of do’s and don’ts
Social Impact CX Podcast Part 1 Social Impact CX Podcast Part 2

Purchase with Purpose: The Role of Storytelling and Experience in Sustainable Retail: NEONYT Prepeek, July 2019, Berlin

Hosted by Kerry Bannigan (UN Conscious Fashion Campaign), this panel looked at the power of storytelling to turn purchases into purpose-driven, meaningful actions.

Sabine really enjoyed inspiring NEONYT visitors to tell better stories — together with her fellow panelists:

  • Hannah Kussel, Head of Retail, Das Gerber
  • Amanda Johnston, Curator and Education Consultant, The Sustainable Angle
  • #VEPSIambassador Nina Botzen / Chloé Mukai
  • Jorge Richardson, Product Manager, Closca Design

Thanks to the teams at VEPSI and NEONYT for organising the talk!

Go to the NEONYT recording

Storytelling for social purpose

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Future Fashion Focus: LIVE Mastermind, London, April 2019

“The secret communication tool for handling your users’ cultural differences… elegantly”

Support Driven Expo Europe 2019, Belgrade

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Why Is Ethical Fashion So Expensive? (— Or Is It?!)

Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution, London Museum of Brands, 2018

Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution clip

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Video interview with SHE Leads, February 2018

SHELeads interview on YouTube

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Video interview with Jen Gale, September 2017

You had me at hello: greetings and their significance for customer service — a study of 2500 UK consumers

(together with Martin Blacher) — Linguistic Im/politeness, Aggression & Rudeness Conference, Manchester Metropolitan University, 2016

10 tips for writing brilliant service emails

CC Expo, London Olympia 2016