Our Mission Is Simple:

Build the Most Sustainable Copywriting Agency on Earth

That’s why we needed to start from scratch.

Because to support the new economy, we need radical culture change.


We need a new kind of marketing.


A new balance of making money and making change.


New ways of getting results for our clients.


A strong client manifesto.


And tools that fit our ecosophy (ecological philosophy).

We´re Transparent About Our Climate Conflicts

In 2019, Extinction Rebellion asked the marketing & advertising industry to disclose the percentage of turnover from high carbon clients by the end of the year. We’re proud signatories of the commitment put forward by Futerra.

We Contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Through supporting our clients, we get to contribute to all 17 Global Goals. Because as our clients grow, they can make a bigger impact towards “their” SDGs.

But we don’t want to stop there. We’re also giving at least 1% of all sales revenue to projects that contribute to the SDGs, through our membership with B1G1.

You can see a detailed overview of our giving history on our B1G1 membership profile.

The following 3 goals take priority for us:

  1. Quality Education
  2. Reduced Inequalities
  3. Responsible Production & Consumption

How we contribute to Quality Education:

Offering free communications training for social enterprises and NGOs, covering topics such as:

  • Copywriting
  • Internal communications
  • Communicating across cultural boundaries
  • Speaking & writing English & German

This training takes place at summits & conferences (live or online), at Impact Hub, on Instagram and YouTube, as well as via ebooks, articles and downloadable guides.

From October 2018 to October 2019, we gave pro-bono consulting & strategic copywriting to the value of €2,995 to our partner NGO, English Academy for Newcomers. Based in Utrecht, NL, they teach English and intercultural skills to newcomers with a refugee background.


Since 1 October 2019, we’ve been supporting projects working on SDG 4 via the B1G1 programme.

How we contribute to Reduced Inequalities:

  • Intercultural communication skills form a big part of our work. Embracing cultural differences is difficult if we’re blind to them, afraid of them, or if we believe that it’s all down to the individual characteristics of each person. That’s why it’s important for all collaborators and members of the team to have first-hand experience of multicultural lifestyles.
  • From Scratch is an active advocate for the queer community. We openly celebrate our hard-won progress towards full equality in societies around the world.
  • From Scratch copy is edited using the Conscious Style Guide, the German-language Geschickt Gendern and associated materials. This is to make sure that all copy published under the brand or handed over to clients is inclusive, respectful and serves to empower people.
  • Since 1 October 2019, we’ve been supporting projects working on SDG 10 via the B1G1 programme.

How we contribute to Responsible Consumption & Production:

  • Our services are only available to those sellers of physical goods that are taking active, demonstrable steps towards producing more responsibly and/or encouraging resource-efficient, socially just consumption. We have a rigorous list of criteria for potential clients, which you’ll find here.
  • A significant portion of From Scratch content produced for own-brand marketing or to promote clients’ brands serves to educate consumers on sustainable consumption and lifestyles.
  • We refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and upcycle wherever possible when we need goods for From Scratch. When buying stationery and other goods, Fair Trade, organic, vegan, second hand and recycled products take priority.

    In some cases, we choose not to buy at all — because none of the available options satisfy our high standards.
    (One recent example was the humble roll-up banner, where all available options were PVC-based.)

Our Pledges & Memberships

We´re Earth Protectors

While our focus is on the power of language to empower people, we’re very aware that everything we do is founded on the health of our home planet.

That’s why we support initiatives that work to protect the Earth and peacefully pressure the establishment to change the system.

Whenever possible, we encourage our clients and overall network to join the good cause as well.

One such example is the Stop Ecocide movement, which supports communities affected by the climate catastrophe with legal action — and works to make the destruction of ecosystems a crime.

Click here to find out more and pledge your support.

We try not to fly

Public transport FTW! Walking & “fietsen“ too, of course. For long distances, we take the train, share rides or drive (preferably electric).

When that’s not an option, perhaps a virtual meeting is.

In the rare case that we must fly, we make a contribution to a project that captures or reduces CO2 emissions. (Some call that Offsetting.)

Loving the Atmosphere? Take the pledge here (website in German).

We’re Redefining Fashion as We Know It

The fashion industry is broken.
It relies on our broken relationship to our bodies, our identity and to one other.

Much of this brokenness is the result of marketing and advertising driven by greed. 

We believe that the same tools that got us into this mess can also help us heal.

As members of the UN Conscious Fashion Campaign, we’re working to accelerate change towards a sustainable future for all.

How We Get Results for Our Clients

Powered by Green Energy

We prefer electricity powered by the sun and wind.

This website, our cloud collaboration platform and our emails are hosted on servers running on “renewable” energy.

Sabine’s electricity is even made right above her head.

Sharing Talent Across the World

#noborders #diversity #equality

We’re not trying to find the skills, ethics and talents we need in one central location. (Amsterdam is amazing, but tiny!)

To give you access to a diverse pool of skills, From Scratch is a fully remote agency. Occasionally we meet in person — but most of the time we meet on video calls.

Right now, our small team is female, European, white and aged 25–45. That’s not intentional! If you’d like to contribute your skills, please get in touch. We’re especially keen to add the voices of men, people of colour, and the LGBT+ community.

No-Manipulation Copywriting

As a proud member of the ethical move, we stand for an ethical marketplace.

Our words won’t scare people into buying from you. Rather, we use ecolinguistic principles to empower conscious choices.

To make people’s lives better — and the world a better place.


The Ethical Move —Values Badge

Our Tools

Our website hosting is climate-positive and provided by Raidboxes (affiliate link). Servers are based in Germany and ISO 27001 certified.

Our emails are hosted in a GDPR-compliant, ad-free and climate neutral mailbox. You can find out more here (affiliate link).

After much deliberation, we’ve chosen Apple iCloud and the related productivity tools for collaboration and file storage. It’s not perfect, but Apple is one of the few big tech companies not currently supporting climate change denying lobby groups. Their servers also run on 100% clean energy. Services are accessible to users outside the Apple ecosystem and free of charge up to a generous level.

Slack is our go-to tool for team communication and some client projects. While there’s no explicit commitment to environmental sustainability, the company is working to include underrepresented groups in the tech industry.

For urgent messages, Telegram is our preference. We invite our clients and collaborators to use this free tool instead of Facebook-owned WhatsApp.

We’re currently looking for sustainable, privacy-friendly and reliable providers in the following areas:
Video calls
Project management
User testing
Mobile phone networks (based in the Netherlands)

Please get in touch with recommendations.

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