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Das Portfolio kann der irreführendste Teil einer Agentur-Webseite sein. Denn jedes Projekt ist anders, braucht seine eigene Sprache und Stilistik, und hängt am Ende davon ab, was die Organisation freigibt bzw. live schaltet.
Anstelle dir also Dutzende bedeutungslose Textbeispiele zu zeigen, sagen wir lieber, was unsere Texte für Kund*innen erreicht haben: durch Fallstudien und ihre Bewertungen im O-Ton.

Unsere Kund*innen erzählen bessere Geschichten, erreichen mehr Menschen & bieten tollen Kundenservice

“I would like to thank you for your good work. Your are worth every penny.”

— Hanne Frosch, founder, By Thye

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Web-Inspektion für den Regenwald: Mello schreibt eine neue deutsche Landing Page

Aus SitEInander wird Mello: Das Rebranding bringt unter anderem eine komplett neue deutsche Landing Page mit sich. Wir haben den Prototypen untersucht und viele gute Tipps für euch, wie Startups ihre Startseite zur Landing Page machen können.
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Reflecta.Network: Landing-Page-Inspektion für den Regenwald

Unsere erste deutschsprachige Website-Inspektion für den Regenwald haben wir für das super tolle Reflecta.Network erstellt. Schaut euch hier das Video an oder lest das Transkript.
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Making an Action Plan for Better Customer Care Responses: A Case Study

The customer care leadership team of this multinational company was concerned about the quality of written responses going out to customers. They had seen samples with poor spelling and grammar and worried those samples might be representative. Find out how we approached the project, and how we worked together with the client to improve their customer care replies.
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Case Study: How to Write a High-Converting Newsletter Signup Page

This newsletter signup page Sabine wrote and designed for multi award-winning social entrepreneur and mentor Nyasha Gwatidzo achieved a whopping 60% conversion rate. While a conversion rate of 60% is certainly not a typical result, the steps Sabine took to create this high-converting landing page are still a great guide to writing websites that convert well.

How to Optimise a Brand to Reach New Audiences — A Case Study

After a year of building insurance startup With Jack, it was time to optimise the brand message. Ashley, With Jack's founder and director, came to us because the existing website did a good job of conveying the brand ethos — but it didn't tell creatives why they should sign up. Read this case study to learn more about this in-depth conversion copy project to find the messaging that would help grow the brand.

How to Plan and Write a Sales Email Sequence for the Holidays — A Case Study

“Help!” Ah, the familiar cry from a brand paying too much per sale from their digital ads. It’s also the subject line of an email that landed in our inbox last year. To save time and advertising funds, Sabine recommended a well-planned email campaign and website optimisation project. The sales email sequence she planned and wrote for this client more than doubled their open and click-through rates. This case study will walk you through the process and results.

„So supportive and encouraging“

“When I came to From Scratch for editing and reviews, I loved Sabine’s response: efficient, clear, punctual and full of good knowledge and advice.

Sabine really knows her ‘stuff’. And she delivers what she says she’s going to do — very efficiently and professionally.

Working together has given me new clarity and more positive thoughts about what I do and why I do it.

Perfect for start-up founders like me who need clarity with their tone of voice!”

— Jacqueline Comyn, Founder, Bushbells

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