Case Study

Making an action plan for better customer care responses

The customer care leadership team of a multinational consumer goods company was concerned about the quality of written responses going out to customers.

They had seen samples with poor spelling and grammar and worried those samples might be representative.

Find out how we worked together with the client to improve their customer care replies. Starting with a thorough Discovery, followed by analysing our findings and rolling out new customer service training.

The first step had to be a thorough Discovery.

While pulling existing customer conversations from the CRM system seemed like the easiest option at first, this team used a wide range of templates and guidance materials for the most frequent customer queries.

Thus, finding a large enough number of cases with replies “written from scratch” was going to be like the proverbial needle in the haystack.

With this in mind, we decided to start with a mystery shop.


Mystery Shopping: Diagnosing the Scope of the Problem

It was essential to agree a shared set of criteria to judge the responses we’d get.

While the focus was on linguistic correctness, Sabine also consulted the brand’s tone of voice guide to determine where responses had gone completely off track. Contact centre advisors can’t be expected to live up to the same standards as marketing copywriters — but with a bit of training, they can express the brand’s personality reasonably well.

Next, we drew up a project plan for the mystery shop so we could interact with a wide enough range of advisors, capture the results clearly and complete the Discovery quickly.

And now it was crunch time: sending the emails, taking part in the chats and collecting the responses. Each response was carefully analysed and interpreted: which common themes emerged? In which areas were advisors particularly strong, and where did they show weaknesses?


Deciding the best way forward

Sabine presented the outcomes and suggested next steps to the customer care leadership team.

We agreed that developing training in partnership with the in-house training team would be the best way forward.

The session was very well received and is now part of the company’s training catalogue.


Training that “Sticks” Is Built on Strong Discovery

This tailored approach makes the biggest difference in whether or not training ultimately “sticks”.

All in all, it’s time and effort well-invested. An investment that pays back as soon as advisors apply the lessons learned, back at their desks.

If you’ve seen your team send some embarrassing blunders, or you’d just like an expert outside view, then our “surgical” approach to training could be just what you need.

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