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Sabine Harnau


Founder, Head of Growth & Creative

Amsterdam area, Netherlands

  • Service Delivery & Creative Direction

  • Message Finding / Research & Discovery

  • German, Dutch > English transcreation & localisation

  • English, Dutch > German transcreation & localisation

  • Conversion optimisation consultancy — especially in complex B2B settings

Strategic thinking

Conversion copywriting

Ethical marketing

Ice skating

We need a culture change.

Communication is at the core of that change. It’s the medium and the message of the change you want to see in the world.

  • If we want to make sustainability the norm, we need more sustainable communication.
  • If we want people to take more responsibility, we need more responsible communication.
  • If we want to break down the barriers that keep us from working together, we need communication that connects us.

My professional journey before “starting from scratch”

As a teenager, I made ads to get pupils joining political groups fighting for better education.

15 years later, I started the global copy team at LEGO Customer Service, where I was responsible for tone of voice, email and web copywriting in 20+ languages. I then spent a few years agency-side, writing for over 70 iconic brands.

In 2017, I started From Scratch — to support organisations in their transformation towards integrating economic, social and environmental impact. Since 2023, I’ve been leading the company with Holger, my partner in business and in life.

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