Yellow-pink duotone photo of Sally Fox with a radiant smile. She’s wearing long wavy hair and a light-coloured knitted cable sweater.

Sally Fox


Copywriter & Brand Voice Strategist for brave businesses

Tiverton, UK & Baion, Spain

  • English brand voice strategy

  • English copy & content writing

  • English editing

  • Writing for voice, SEO and conversion

Creative word play

Teasing out meaning

Baking lemon drizzle cake

Racquet-based sports

I’m a freelance copywriter and brand language consultant writing for brave businesses who want to make their mark.

I’ve written for a zero waste furniture designer, a natural deodorant brand and several women’s social enterprises.

I hang out at the crossroads where brand values and brand persona meet.

And I help you find the words to bring the two together.

I live between Spain and the UK and spend my time cooking, reading and walking Dolly the dog.

My guilty pleasure is waving at the end of Zoom calls.

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