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The Training Method that Helps Build an Awesome Team Culture

This approach can be used for pretty much any context. It’s a great way to refresh an otherwise traditional session, especially if you notice that some people seem mentally withdrawn or if you want people to think about something at some depth.

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How Can Customer Care Survive the Plastic Storm in Our Teacups?

It came as a shock to the British public: our beloved teabags contain plastic. Tea lovers all over the country started asking their favourite brands some difficult questions on Twitter. And it didn’t take long till we saw service teams getting some stick for how they responded. In this article, we’ll analyse what went wrong in those tweets, and how to do it better — both now and in the long run.

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how words define your relationship with customers

How close is your brand to your customers? Are you looking for respectful distance or constant interaction? And is your motto more “we’re all in this together” or “we’re in charge”? Get to know a linguistic tool to help you define that relationship.

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Why most complaint-handling guides actually make things WORSE for your customers

Successfully resolving a complaint is the happy result of a respectful, non-violent exchange about the customer’s needs and how to meet them. This article introduces you to a scientifically proven way to connect with people who are stressed, emotional and making a complaint. Warning: contains NUTs!

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Customer support with brand personality

Complaints and brand personality — an impossible mix? Some companies think so, and tone their complaint responses down to sound completely neutral.  In this blog post, Sabine shares 4 ½ tips to help your brand shine through, even in the face of complaints.

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Keep your language simple in Customer support

In this blog post, we’ll look at a few example sentences from an email we’ve had — and shed some light on: – The importance of sentence length for good communication – How to avoid unintentional rudeness by writing simply and clearly – 3 free tools to improve your writing

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automatic email responses for customer support

Auto-acknowledgement emails aren’t usually personalised. Still, they set the customer’s expectations about tone of voice, attention to detail, what level of service they’ll get and how long it will take. In this article, we analyse and rewrite an example — and teach you 4 important tips to get your own templates right.

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Customer support replies with human touch

We all like to feel a spark of connection with people we’re dealing with. It makes us feel recognised and important. Here’s how to write like a human in three easy steps — and a before-and-after example.

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Is Sustainable Fashion the Future? — Perhaps!

We’re fans of sustainable fashion, and so we dream of a future where all apparel is transparently made, socially responsible and eco-friendly. On her visit to Neonyt #Fashionsustain 2019, Sabine discovered some encouraging signs of sustainable fashion finally going mainstream — but also 2 major challenges that sustainable fashion must overcome if it wants to change the world. Read on to find out how to market sustainable fashion for maximum impact.

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Are Customer Service and Sales the Same Thing?

In this short article, we’ll demystify “sales through service” by showing 5 ways that service and sales support each other.  Ultimately, we hope to contribute to a view of customer service as a profit centre, not a cost centre — and a better experience for all customers.

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Email Isn’t Dead! Here Are 15 Email Newsletters to Subscribe to & Learn From

Do you know the words most commonly uttered by our clients? “I don’t want to bombard people with emails.” Followed by, “Our supply chain doesn’t allow us to email people regularly.” If that sounds familiar, it’s time to break through these barriers and limitations and claim what’s rightfully yours: the inboxes of your subscribers, now and forever. This post will inspire and teach you how to make email marketing work for you.

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Inspiring new subscribers with your welcome emails

Welcome emails often have the highest open rate of any newsletter email. That’s great — but of course we want all our emails to be read and enjoyed equally. After all, we’ve got important things to say, and we want to add value for our subscribers. So what can you do to increase engagement beyond email number one? Ethical Brand Marketing show how you can use your thank-you email to future pace good outcomes for your new readers. Dive into this email clinic to learn how you can do it, too.

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