Customer Care Workshops

“Customer Service Is the New Marketing”

This quote by Derek Sivers resonates with you, and you dream of a future in which your company’s service reputation precedes you — globally.

When you read your company’s support emails or listen to a customer phone call, you want to feel proud.

You want to see your team answer all the customer’s questions in one coherent, succinct email.

You want them to add a genuine personal touch so your customers feel special and cared for.

And you wish customers would self-serve more so your team was less stretched.

In a nutshell, you’re looking for…

  • An outside view on what training you really need and what would be a waste of time & money;
  • Help building a business case so you can get the budget you need for workshops, courses or coaching toolkits;
  • A clear path to better service quality — whether that’s through improved responses, training your team to write better canned responses & self-service copy, or a revamped quality process;
  • Consistently high customer satisfaction/NPS & low customer effort across the entire customer journey.

A Surgical Approach to Training Yields the Best Results

The best way to start is by booking a thorough Discovery session. This will help us analyse what your team needs so we can agree a detailed workshop agenda and measurable KPIs.

Feedback from customer care managers

Outstanding and extremely well received by all the agents and managers that attended…

You were amazing when you came to visit us and really easy to build that lovely relationship with.

You know you have hit the mark when you have the agents fully on board when you delivered the sessions — very much positive feedback was provided.


I wanted to drop you a note to say how fantastic the training was…

I’m not exaggerating when I say it was outstanding and extremely well received by all the agents and managers that attended.
They all came away with a new perspective on how to communicate with our customers and we will be ensuring that they live and breathe your guidance.

Contact Center Manager,


What’s included in Surgical Customer Care Training?

VIP treatment

  • Transparent project management
  • Secure file management in the cloud
  • personal relationship that will never leave you wondering what the heck is going on
  • No cluttering your inbox


A full-day surgical workshop starts at € 5,000 for a group of 12-35 people (excluding travel and tax).

Email or chat conversation audit

We’ll do a deep dive on 3 full customer conversations from your team (under NDA or anonymised if you wish).
You’ll discover in full detail where templates and/or advisor behaviour are hurting the customer relationship, sales through service & first contact resolution.

Competitor mystery shop

We’ll send queries to your 2 main competitors to analyse how they respond.
You’ll get pro insights into their handling of the queries that you most want to improve — which can help you build your business case for training, copywriting, new tools and/or more people.

On-site Discovery Day

We’ll come to your customer care office to shadow advisors and meet with key stakeholders. (If you’re a remote company, we’ll join your Slack or book video chats with your team.)

Research into your business insights & data

None of that BS “best practice”, “swipe and deploy” stuff that shoehorns your complex reality into lifeless cookie cutter approaches that rob your brand & setup of all life and power.

Instead, we’ll put your customers’ true needs and expectations at the heart of our work.

Academic research

Depending on the problem we’re solving, we’ll also hit the libraries, contact specialist researchers & read through academic papers to find the answers we need.

A 1-hour Innovation Session

Together, we’ll look at the results of our Discovery & Research — and make an action plan to get your customer care quality from where it is now to where you’d like it to be.

Workshop Agenda & KPIs

We’ll summarise the results of our Innovation Session in one neat, easy-to-consume document (usually around 5-10 pages).

Once you’re happy with this plan, we’ll start creating your bespoke workshop.

Training that sticks

Each workshop comes with a feedback survey, success measurement based on agreed KPIs, and an evaluation session 6-12 weeks after delivery.

Time and time again, 100% of participants would recommend the From Scratch workshop because it’s helpful and fun at the same time.

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