Holger Schueler wearing a stark Industries baseball cap, looking straight at the camera.

Holger Schueler


Chief Client Officer | Strategic Transformation

Amsterdam area, Netherlands

I worked in SaaS for more than 16 years, where my journey included Product Management, Strategic Partnerships, Customer Success and Strategic Sales Leadership.

During that time, I helped some of the smartest brands to launch groundbreaking products, collaborate remotely, deliver world class online video content and increase the maturity of their design teams.

Brand strategy and communication with integrity require interdisciplinary teamwork across Marketing, Product and Sales.

This transformative approach helps you — and your message — reach your full potential.

In this process, I’m here to support you with change management, interactive workshops and collaboration to the max, complementing the creative work we deliver for you.

In practice, my work is all about helping you to create better change management, communicational structures, organisational architecture and collaboration.

I am also:

  • A herder of 2 cats and dad to 2 Spanish Greyhounds
  • Passionate about sustainable mobility and a carbon-free human-centric economy
  • An early adopter of electric motorcycles

Culture Change Companion


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