Communicating Across Cultural Differences

Almost every company now sells to (and employs!) people from many different cultures.

Here’s the thing:

Your customers’ heritage affects more than the language they speak. And it’s about more than just ethnicity and geography.

Cultural differences also follow many other societal fault lines, such as:

  • Age groups (for example, Millennials vs. Baby Boomers)
  • Genders (for example, bro culture vs. sisterhood vs non-binary identities)
  • Sexual orientation (e. g. rainbow vs. hetero communities)
  • Social classes (e. g. Rich Kids of Instagram vs. the working poor)
  • Religious, philosophical and/or political beliefs

“You Cannot Not Communicate”
— Paul Watzlawick

Culture colours people’s relationships with your brand and your offers — as well as their expectations of marketing, advertising, support and customer care. (Did you know 74 percent of customers will buy more if customer care is provided in their language?)

Those expectations affect the full spectrum of human behaviour…

From the correct forms of address to B2B purchase decision processes…

…and from what’s considered acceptable attire to what counts as “awkward silence” in a conversation.

Getting the cultural nuance right will help you avoid mortifying blunders, live up to your values of fairness and equality, and enhance your relationships with customers, employees and partners.

Learn to Build Bridges in a Cultural Conversion Workshop

Cultural conversion workshops cover the principles of successful multicultural communication in a fun and engaging session. 

No lazy stereotyping! Instead, your team will learn behaviours that can defuse tricky situations and techniques that help them resonate with anyone on Earth. (Perhaps also Martians… but we haven’t been able to test that.) 

Choose the workshop that best suits your setup and (time) budget below:

Lunch & Learn

This 90-minute session can take place at your office or as a live online masterclass.

Minimum time commitment, maximum engagement

For up to 40 participants

Cost: €625 + VAT + travel expenses

Half-Day Workshops

3.5 hours of fascinating insights, fun exercises and practical takeaways

Includes all handouts & workshop summary PDF

For up to 50 participants

Cost: €1,000 + VAT + travel expenses

Bespoke full-day workshops

Covers the exact cultural insights your team needs

Create excellent experiences for customers & help your team thrive

Small groups recommended — up to 20 people works best

Cost: from €3,000 + VAT + travel expenses

“The best session of the expo!”

“I can see how my company’s US cultural dominance causes issues when my team interacts with people from other places! Now I have a great framework we can follow and a bunch of other stuff to look out for.”

— Workshop participant at Support Driven Expo Europe, Belgrade 2019

“Great info! Definitely gonna lead that exercise you showed us with my team!”

— Workshop participant at Support Driven Expo Europe, Belgrade 2019

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