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From brand communication strategy, copywriting, graphic and web design, to training and change management: this 12-month programme includes everything you need to clarify, validate, refine and embody your marketing messages. 

Look forward to clarity, consistency and a sense of ease as your Marketing, Sales, Product and Service teams get on the same page.

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Know your message. Live your message. Share your message.

Better communication is not just about copywriting that sounds good. Ethical marketing is not just about avoiding a list of unethical tactics. Both depend on clarity and a brand communications strategy that’s shared by your entire company.

Once that’s in place, your copy will also flow better. Your storytelling will engage people more deeply. And you’ll eliminate the noise from your marketing. So the signal in your message comes through, loud and clear.

That’s High Fidelity in action.

What next-generation brands say about From Scratch

“Better understanding of our brand & competitors”

When you work with From Scratch you’ll get someone who genuinely cares and is invested in your brand. You won’t just get words, you’ll come away with a better understanding of your own brand and competitors.”

— Ashley Baxter, Founder, With Jack

Ashley Baxter wearing a jeans jacket and backpack and laughing into the camera

“Experts at improving the way you relate to your customers”

“For all the hype about robots and AI, there’s only one process that’s guaranteed to continuously improve customer satisfaction – finding out what your customers think of you, and acting on it.

From Scratch are not only experts at getting inside your customers’ heads, but also at improving how your team relate to your customers.”

— Chris Stainthorpe, Co-founder, CustomerSure

Chris Stainthorpe Testimonial pic for Lead Magnet

“Working with From Scratch has changed the way I think about & sell what we do”

“Since engaging From Scratch, we’ve achieved huge outcomes. The most prominent result is that we now have a very compelling and clear presentation of what we do, what value we add and what clients love about working with us. I think what From Scratch have done for us has set us apart, in a very good way, from the majority of businesses in our sector. Switching our messaging to be about our clients, rather than just about us, has been very powerful.

But what I liked best was the team’s clear communication about the process and reasoning behind every (and I mean every single) decision. I enjoyed seeing their accuracy and attention to detail.”

— Timothy Byrne PhD, Managing Director, AbacusBio International

Time Byrne smiling at the camera