Alice Scherer smiling at the camera

Alice Scherer


Client Experience Manager

Mainz, Germany

I’ve been working in the creative sector for more than 13 years now, always keen on finding solutions and creative ways to make things happen – no matter how small, big or impossible they might seem at first.

I have a passion for ethically sourced materials, the English language, wombats, creating an atmosphere people can thrive in, learning and teaching.

And communicating in a way that makes people seen, heard and understood.

Because I firmly believe in language raising awareness and uniting us all.

I’m super excited to help create an impact as From Scratch’s Client Experience Manager.

When I’m not scribbling timetables, researching and contacting project members, you’ll find me cooking, lino cutting or farming on my newly rented field.


Your first point of contact


German content, copywriting & editing


Project communication


Community management



Researching and finding creative solutions

Keeping calm when seeing wombats