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Jeanne Carlier holding a mug and laughing into the camera

Jeanne Carlier


Brand Strategist & Graphic Designer

Paris, France

I partner with ethical entrepreneurs to make them feel clear and grounded in their business, integrate their sustainable values into their brand, and position them for growth.

 I grew up in a little city called Paris.

Art entered my life at an early age, and I always knew I would become a professional artist of some kind. After earning my B.A. in Creative Graphic Design at LISAA (L’Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués), I moved to California and launched my career as a graphic designer.

I worked for both small family-run businesses and global corporations. In the conventional product industry, I saw first-hand the wasteful effects of packaging, printing requirements, and overseas outsourcing.

So I left the physical products industry and moved into the digital space. But something still felt off… I was being asked to design experiences to manipulate users to buy or engage more.

Ultimately, I knew I had to say goodbye to any system that chooses cheaper prices over worker’s rights, sales over sustainability, and bottom-lines over well-being.

So I exited corporate life and created Spark & Bloom Studio. I believe in building up the businesses that focus on doing good.

Today, I’m back living in Paris, but California will always have a piece of my soul.

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