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Copywriting, training & coaching for a fairer, greener tomorrow

There’s usually a 2-3 month waiting list for most projects. 
But we can work together within weeks (or even days) with one of these options:

Email Conversion Copy Audit (COCOA)

500,001.000,00 (excl. BTW)

Just like dark chocolate, this Email COCOA will nurture your marketing with the perfect bittersweet notes.

Booking is as simple as sipping a moccachino:

  1. Choose how many emails you’d like us to audit (3, 5 or 7)
  2. Check out and pay using credit card, iDEAL or bank transfer
  3. This one’s important: Watch out for our email and fill in the brief. We can only get started once we know what insights you’re looking for.

Let’s get your emails the copy they deserve!


Website Conversion Copy Audit (Web CoCoA)

625,00 (excl. BTW)

The whole idea behind the Web Copy Conversion Audit is to tell you where you’re losing the YES.
Here’s how that works…

1. Brief us via the big button below.

(Think of the Web CoCoA like going to a professional lab to get the bloodwork done for your website. We don’t need to know your family history to five generations back — just a few targeted questions so we know where it hurts right now.)

2. Accept the Ts & Cs, check out & pay.

If you’re registered for VAT outside the Netherlands (UStr / TVA / sales tax), remember to enter your registration number.

3. Keep an eye on your inbox: we’ll confirm the date we’ll deliver your audit, give you a link to schedule the date and time for our Q&A call and send you a professional invoice for your records.

4. On the date we confirmed, you’ll get one neat email with:

  1. a video summary of your audit
  2. the link to an online, annotated version of your website where you can see all the comments & recommendations. Your web designers will love this — because they can easily see what to change and why.
  3. BONUS: 
You’ll also get a document with new or rewritten copy for a crucial part of your website (this will also be explained on the video).

Copy Coaching

250,00 (excl. BTW)

What’s included:

  • 90-minute Copy Coaching Call
  • Personalised homework
  • Q&A about your first draft
  • One round of professional edits/revisions on your first draft — ready for your immediate use
  • BONUS OFFER: To take your skills even further, we’re throwing in 1 month of All Access Membership in the #EthicalHour community (offer valid on all online bookings we receive between 1 October and 31 December 2020, subject to our availability. We’ll arrange access to the community once the coaching has been paid in full. You’re welcome to book now and take your session by March 2021 if no suitable 2020 date is available.)

Getting started is super simple

Step 1. Checkout and pay via the button below.

Step 2. Schedule the date and time of your session and tell us what you’d like to achieve.

Step 3. We’ll send you the Coaching Agreement, your homework and a Zoom invite for the session.

Step 4. Once you’ve accepted the Coaching Agreement and completed your homework, we’ll have our coaching session!

Book your session today. Learn how to write copy that speaks to your audience and really makes a difference. 24 hours after the session, you’ll have copy that you can use straightaway. And a repeatable copywriting approach you can come back to in future.

Impact Days

925,00 (excl. BTW)

Get it DONE WELL at a very fast turnaround — with an Impact Day

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose your preferred date & starting time
  2. Check out & pay using credit card, iDEAL or bank transfer. Ta-dah! Once you’ve paid, the day’s yours.
  3. Keep an eye on your inbox: we’ll send you our briefing form. This will allow us to hit the ground running on our day together — so we can make the most of that time.
  4. We’ll start the day with a briefing call (this can also take place a few days in advance) — and wrap up with a handover meeting 7-8 hours later.

Go ahead and book your Impact Day: