Spruce Up Your Website & Save the Rainforest

What if every good brand had access to a professional view of their most important web page…

No matter the budget?

What if there was a way we can all learn from each other?

What if every pixel of the internet pulled its weight to make the world a better place — and help us achieve the Sustainable Development Goals?

This campaign is here to make these dreams a reality.


Every month, we do an in-depth review of one email or web page (1 URL) on video.

This could be a sales page, a home page, an about page… whatever is helpful to you. 

It’s free of charge.

Well, almost. 

To apply, you’ll need to protect at least 1 square metre of rainforest. You can do so via the giving button on our B1G1 pageYour contribution will go directly to Rainforest Rescue for maximum impact. You’re welcome to give more if you can.

Our dream is that we can protect at least 100 square metres per year — the size of an average family home in the Netherlands. 

In return, all we ask is that you let us share the video on the blog, in our email newsletter and on social media. So others can learn from them. 

If you’d like to get a feel for our approach first, check out the first-ever Web Audit for the Rainforest (opens in a new tab).

How much rainforest are you willing to save?

Already made your donation?

Fill in the application form for your chance to get a free website audit: