Join the Team

Are you our new Front of House?

From Scratch is growing. Will you join our mission?

Our communications consultancy is here to support the new economy and incite radical culture change in business and in life.


We stand for a new kind of marketing.


A new balance of making money and making change.


New ways of getting results for our clients.


A strong client manifesto.


And tools that fit our ecosophy (ecological philosophy).

Hello… is it you we’re looking for?

You’re a multilingual communicator with a big heart, amazing people skills and natural curiosity. As a passionate freelancer, you have a knack for business. You’re organised, driven and able to set boundaries that fuse clear expectations with real-world flexibility. Probably you refer to your role as a VA (Virtual Assistant), Marketing Coordinator, or Outsourced Business Development Assistant.

As our new “Front of House”, you’ll work closely with Sabine (Chief Growth & Creative Officer), Holger (Chief Client Officer) and Réka (Project Coordinator) to help prospects and clients feel welcome right from the start. Here are some of your future tasks:


Responding to new enquiries.


Qualifying and engaging leads.


Acting as the first point of contact for specific, German- and Dutch-speaking clients.


Writing concise meeting notes and sharing them with internal & external partners.


Light business coordination tasks such as setting up meetings, adding info to our project management tool and chasing folks for information.


Providing holiday cover — especially via email management.


Helping us live up to our reputation of being super nice and super reliable to work with.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Please get in touch if you have the following skills and experience:

People Skills

You might have a natural talent to woo new acquaintances or to connect with them at a human level. Or perhaps your strength is communication, adaptability, positivity or the ability to activate others. Either way, your secret sauce shows up like this:

  • The confidence and poise to drive/lead a conversation with a prospect or client.
  • The ability to handle “bad news” gracefully. (For example — the odd delays, cancellations or feedback.)
  • Intercultural awareness and sensititivity.
  • Reliability through transparent communication, clear expectation setting, realistic planning and sticking to your promises.

Language Skills

  • So you can represent the team on Zoom and in emails or messages, you’ll bring native or full professional capability in these languages:
    • Dutch
    • German
    • English
  • You also have excellent spelling and grammar skills—or the awareness required to use proofing software ^^

Backoffice Skills

  • Strong Front of House / Business Development skills (lead qualification and engagement)
  • Ability to deal with complexity, natural curiosity
  • Self-directed, able to set boundaries effectively
  • Tech savvy: you have a good understanding of the digital space as well as digital product & service development
  • Ability and willingness to pick up new technology platforms. (Among others, we use Asana, Slack, WordPress, Slab, ONLYOFFICE,, Canva and Mailerlite.)

Impact Focus

  • Interest in impact topics—especially Climate Change & JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion). Anti-racism, accessibility and LGBT+ Pride are amongst our focus areas. Learn more about our values here.
  • You hold strong opinions lightly, appreciating that the world is complex and simple solutions are rare (high ambiguity tolerance).

Time Zone & Availability

  • You’re available for at least 12 hours per month.
  • You’re usually based in CET +/- 2 (geographically that’s somewhere between Portugal and Turkey, and between Finland and South Africa).

Bonus Points if Any of the Following Is True for You:

  • Self-Assurance, empathy or relationship building are amongst your top stengths
  • You’re based in the Netherlands — perhaps even in/around Amsterdam
  • You’re well connected to the Benelux, DACH or international impact business scene
  • You’re familiar with sustainability topics in both B2C and B2B contexts (conscious consumerism + greenwashing / industry changes)
  • You have (junior) writing, editing or design skills
  • You’re a pet parent

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) is at the core of everything we do. We’re especially looking to hear from people who are under-represented and have intersectional identities to expand our already rich mixture of perspectives.

Send your application via the Contact Form. We’ll arrange a Zoom call so we can get to know each other if we think you might be a great fit.

What We Have to Offer

We’re building an oasis for each other

An anti-agency, a space where we can all thrive, where we experiment with collective and democratic decision making. You’ll be a central part of what we do. So you’ll be able to contribute to the decisions we make as a company.

Celebrate diversity

Currently spanning 4 countries and speaking 6 languages, we’re keen to work with people with diverse backgrounds from all over the world. Not all kinds of diversity are visible—such as neurodiversity, sexual orientations, political or religious beliefs and physical health/disability. At From Scratch, we want you to feel comfortable sharing what makes you, you. With the team or with the wider world (you choose).

Our clients are even more diverse than the team, ranging from corporations in Germany to a craft company in Iceland, from a compost coach in New Zealand to a membership community in the US. We’re proud to serve BAME and BIPOC clients, queer clients and disabled clients (to name a few). We want From Scratch to be a safe space for people from marginalised backgrounds. 

Competitive rates for your skills and experience

We won’t tell you “we think your work is worth less than that”. If the client can’t afford a project, we’ll reduce the scope to fit their budget (or lose the prospect).

That said, we count on you to set your rates in a spirit of wanting the project to get off the ground — so the work makes (commercial) sense for everyone involved.

No need to pay for software

From Scratch pays for the software you need to do a good job on our shared projects (unless you already own it for other work). Whether it’s team communication, a From Scratch email address, video conferencing or office software — if we haven’t got it covered, let us know.

Learn from — and with — the best

We’re not precious about knowledge, keeping it close to our chests. Whenever we gain permission to share a resource, you’ll find it in our vast pool of

  • learning material,
  • academic insight,
  • copywriting frameworks and
  • better practices.

We’ll also invite you to training sessions periodically, so we can sharpen our tools as a team.

Remote work — zero commute

Work anywhere you have a computer and internet access. 

Completely flexible schedule

Choose your own working hours. Take two weeks off or live as a digital nomad. As long as we all know your availability and boundaries, and as long as we can keep our clients happy, you’re free as a bird.

Quarterly team retreats and monthly team meetings

As a remote team we don’t see each other much (except on video calls). So, we come together once a month to share what’s happening:

  • What impact we’re making with our work
  • What client work we’re delivering
  • What potential client work is in the pipeline
  • What we’re working on internally — and what we need to work on next

We also meet for a half-day virtual retreat once per quarter — to learn and have fun together. At these retreats, we might engage in facilitated discussions, attend a workshop (run by a fellow FS member or an external expert) or plan our content strategy for the following months.

Both team meetings and team retreats are paid for by From Scratch so you don’t have to miss out on potential billable hours.

A strengths-based culture

We use the Clifton Strengthsfinder approach to developing ourselves and as a team. This means that you’ll get free access to the Strengthsfinder 2.0 book and Top 5 assessment when you join the team. You’ll also be able to share your results with the other members and learn about their special flavours of genius. That way, we can all support each other by playing to our strengths.

Work on a major creative collaboration project

The way we work at From Scratch is ground-breaking (we’re creating the future of work) and contributes to making the world more sustainable.

Our reputation precedes us — we’re known to take justice and the environment seriously, treat our clients with kindness and deliver exceptional work, reliably.

Send your application via the Contact Form. We’ll arrange a Zoom call so we can get to know each other if we think you might be a great fit.